DIY Fall Centerpiece

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the cooler temperatures, hay rides, the smell of pumpkin spice, and most of all the gorgeous fall colors! Since the changing colors on the trees only last a short time, I have created a way to bring those colors into my home by putting together my own fall centerpiece. If you haven’t noticed, it is quite expensive to buy floral arrangements, whether they are real or artificial. By creating your own fall centerpiece you can save money and say “Hey, I made that!” Here are the materials you will need.

DIY Fall Centerpiece

I have created links for several of the materials listed below, however, you should be able to find most if not all of the materials you will need at your local craft store.


A pack of branches.  I have here a package of dark brown and a package of ivory.


Long stems of artificial leaves.


Fall berry stems.

 If you can find some with wire in the stems it allows you to open and move each branch to where you want it to go. ( If you can only find non-wired berry stems they will work fine as well.)


Foam gourds and pumpkins.

Additional Materials Needed:  10″ x 4 3/4″ Glass cylinder vase, wire cuttersfloral tape& florist wire


Step 1.  Gather your dark brown bundle of branches and long stem berries and leaves and hold them in place inside your vase.


Step 2:  Using your other hand, gently push the gourds and pumpkins into the vase on all sides.  This will hold the long stems and branches in place securely.


Step 3.  If you want, using your wire cutters, cut off some of the berries from the stems and push them down into the vase to add variety.


As you can see, I like my vase to be pretty full.


Step 4.  After you have filled the vase, take your ivory branches and push them gently inside the vase.

Note: I wait until the end to put these in because it allows me to fill in any gaps or bare spots that I see in the overall arrangement.

DIY Fall Arrangement

Step 5. I like to add a few leaves onto various branches as a final touch.  To do this, you can buy individual leaves that have wired ends, or you can add wire to the leaves yourself.

To do this you will need to cut some wire and wrap it around an individual leaf stem.

DIY Fall Arrangement

Then take your florist tape and wrap it around the wire and leaf stem. Wrap it until it feels thick and sturdy.

DIY Fall Arrangement

You can use either green or brown florist tape

DIY Fall Arrangement

Then twist it around one of the branches in the centerpiece and you are done!

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DIY Fall Centerpiece

Happy Fall!